About Yacht Rock

Yacht rock is a variation of popular soft rock that peaked between the years of 1976 and 1984. Significant “Yacht Rockers” include Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross, and Toto.

While the music has existed for years, the term yacht rock itself is relatively new, coming into circulation through the online comedy series of the same name, the farcical creation of JD Ryznar. The series is written, directed, and produced by Ryznar, co-produced by Hunter Stair, and edited by Lane Farnham. The show Yacht Rock can be viewed at Channel 101.

In the musical sense, yacht rock refers to the highly polished brand of soft rock that emanated from Southern California during the late ’70s and early ’80s. The term is meant to suggest the kind of smooth, mellow music that early yuppies likely enjoyed while sipping champagne and snorting cocaine on their yachts. Additionally, since sailing was such a popular local leisure activity, some “yacht rockers” made nautical references in their lyrics and album artwork, particularly the anthemic track “Sailing” by Christopher Cross.

The foundation of the yacht rock scene was a local pool of versatile session musicians who frequently played on each other’s records, as well as those of many other artists. This professionalism often gave yacht rock recordings a high level of sophistication in purely musical areas such as composition, arrangement, and instrumental skill.

Yacht rock was never a hit with most rock critics (bullshit), who disliked the music’s smooth aesthetic (more bullshit), and dismissed it as bland and sterile. However, the most popular yacht rock artists enjoyed massive commercial success, and dominated the Grammy Awards during the genre’s peak years. Many still enjoy a cult following today.

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Episode List

  1. Episode 1: What a Fool Believes
  2. Episode 2: Keep The Fire
  3. Episode 3: I’m Alright
  4. Episode 4: Rosanna
  5. Episode 5: Believe in It
  6. Episode 6: Tales of Significant History
  7. Episode 7: I Keep Forgettin’
  8. Episode 8: Gino (The Manager)

All 10 episodes can also be found at Channel 101